Have a kid struggling with digestive issues? Looking for ways to help your kid go low FODMAP?

Have a kid struggling with digestive problems and know you need to make some changes to their diet? Or maybe your pediatrician recommended giving a low FODMAP diet a go? If you’re looking for ways to help your kid go Low FODMAP, I’m here for you! It can be overwhelming to think about transforming your child’s eating habits in a restrictive way, especially if you have a full house with other family members who are resistant to change. Take a deep breath Mom and Dad, because I’ve got some simple ways to seamlessly transition a child over to a low-FODMAP style of eating. Here are 5 Ways to Help Your Kid Go Low FODMAP! 

  1. Cook Together
    Not only is cooking with your kid an ideal bonding activity, but it will inspire your child to stick to a low-FODMAP diet. In the kitchen, your kid can get their hands into it and learn how to prepare their favorite foods. This fun activity will also create a positive association with food for your kid, and sooner than later you’ll notice the attention to food just comes more naturally, and mealtime doesn’t have to turn into a battlefield. Cooking doesn’t have to take up a ton of time either, in my book, I provide basic cooking techniques, on-the-go recipes, and over 50 family-friendly meal recipes. This special time together will certainly help your kid go low FODMAP. 
  2. Stock Up on Tasty Low-FODMAP Snacks
    When introducing your kiddo to a diet that’s technically more restrictive, you’ll want to make a point of having plenty of foods readily available at home for various meal and snack options. If your kid starts to get frustrated and feels like there’s nothing at home she can enjoy snacking on, she might start sneaking the other foods when you’re not watching. Stock up on fresh strawberries, oranges, blueberries, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, low-FODMAP snack packs, gluten-free pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, corn tortilla chips, low FODMAP cheese sticks (like mozzarella, colby jack or cheddar), muffins, granola, and chips and salsa!
  3. Write In a Journal Together
    Find a journal for your kiddo and let them decorate it to their heart’s content (make it cool!). During the elimination phase, have them keep track of everything they eat, the portions and how they feel. I call this a HIP diary. H=How they feel, I=Ingredients they eat and P=Portion or amount eaten. During the reintroduction phase of the Low FODMAP diet, together you can write about how they feel based on the new foods they reintroduces. Initially, your kiddo will cut out anything that isn’t strictly low FODMAP, so this phase can be super exciting as your child will find out which of their favorite foods can actually be tolerated.
  4. Designate a Safe Zone In Your Kitchen
    Your kid will feel so excited to find out there’s a spot in the kitchen just for them! Be intentional about designating a safe zone in the cabinets and the refrigerator, it will simplify your child’s process when it comes time to eat. This will eliminate any confusion as to what foods are okay and what foods aren’t.
  5. Talk with Your Extended Family, Kid’s Friends (and Their Parents!)
    Kids care so much about what other people think, and if they don’t talk about their new style of eating with their friends and family, it can cause extra stress and anxiety for your child. Eating at lunch, going to camp, playing at a friend’s house, or even attending party or event can feel intimidating for a child who has diet restrictions. So, talk to your kiddo and encourage your little one to speak up or let them know that you’ll speak up for them! Once it doesn’t feel like a secret and your child feels totally accepted with this new style of eating, they’ll be way more likely to stick to it when you’re not the one cooking in the kitchen.  

You CAN do this! You CAN find ways to help your kid go low FODMAP.

Parenting a kid with digestive troubles can be a challenge. It’s up to you to stay upbeat, positive and in control. If they see you acting like this is doable, they will feel like they can do it. Mindset matters!

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